September 5, 2019


Bored of TV? Then enjoy watching our riveting HiFi videos on our YouTube Channel.

Confession time and we give a run out for the Dual CS526

What is the best solution to getting a great sound in a small sized room? Here we give you a great solution to the problem

Looking for a classy new power amplifier? Then check out what we have to say about the M2tech Crosby Class D amplifier

Here I discuss the future of retailing, where is it heading, and what effects it will have on Hi-Fi retail.

The mighty powerful Pylon Audio Diamond 30 sound like the voice of god, a must see.

Xtonebox Silver 6011 from Spain amplifier has arrived with its stunning retro looks and sound.

The Bristol 2019 HiFi show in photos.

The HOT new aune X8magic DAC is too hot to handle.

Affordable British hi-fi, is it still possible?, take a look at what edwards audio can do

The beautiful Pylon Audo Emerald 25 have wowed us with both looks and sound, check out Pylon Audio here

The Aurelia Cercia XL loudspeakers have arrived and they have sonically blown us away, take a look here

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