MPS M8-SP Speaker cable
MPS M8-SP Speaker cable 2 x 2.5 metre
MPS M8-SP Speaker cable

MPS M8-SP Speaker cable 2 x 2.5 metre

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MPS hifi cables really do offer outstanding value for money, and the M8-SP is one of the best and most popular designs. Please note that this cable is 2 x 2.5m

-8SP speaker cable is MPS's M-8 wire as the main body made of high-end flagship speaker cable, the core uses 8 shares 99.9997% OFC oxygen-free copper, the main conductor is two kinds of wire diameter twisted wire , The outer ring and then surrounded by four 0.16 silver wire around the winding, and the use of MPS exclusive close-wrapped method cross-winding silver-plated wire, forming a unique structure.

Each conductor are used FEP insulation, and then the outer layer of the braid is the use of aluminum foil shielding, shielding and then use the high temperature corrosion and low dielectric Teflon as the insulation layer, the outermost layer is DuPont bright white silk Covered with a transparent PVC isolation, as the effect of shock isolation. M-8SP speaker wire core with copper and silver two materials twisted as a wire conductor, so that both the speaker line can be clean and clear line of clear power, and copper-specific warm and thick sound performance, M-8SP not only Line body work, but also used the MPS new Dolphin 9 isolation copper ring, and gold-plated 3U MPS advanced speaker plug.

In addition to the isolation of the copper ring with the function of noise isolation, but also to make the speaker line looks more beautiful, and the speaker plug also made a tight design, so that the speaker terminal can be more closely with the equipment.

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