Aurelia magneta II
Aurelia Magenta II ISOMATRIX...
Aurelia magneta II

Aurelia Magenta II ISOMATRIX Bookshelf Loudspeakers

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These speakers put a massive smile on our faces, unbelievable sound quality for this price, bass has tremendous weight and punch for such a small speaker, it goes deep and wide, with amazing clarity in the treble, these are real Nordic beauties.

  • Satin black
  • Satin white

The Magenta II isomatrix is a small speaker but still far from small. This is an exceptional tripod speaker whose dynamism, bass dimension and sonic credibility have aroused delight since its premiere. Critics around the world have also noticed these things. Magenta's updated isomatrix is the result of a long development process - Magenta now plays even better.


The secret to exceptional dynamics is the DDC isomatrix bass element we have developed. The DDC isomatrix bass element has a particular focus on the interaction between the amplifier and the bass element. Thanks to the excellent dynamic damping of the DDC isomatrix element, the bass reproduction of the Aurelia Magenta II isomatrix is maintained even in the toughest bass strokes. The quality and reach of the speaker bass represent the best in size.


Cold sound typical of metal blocks has been completely eliminated in the Magenta II isomatrix. The second generation ECW waveguide used in Magenta adapts the treble element as seamlessly as possible in the dividing frequency range of the bass element. ECW guarantees a smooth transition from bass to treble. Phase repetition is also kept as linear as possible.


The result is a pleasing and cohesive playback, whose airiness and naturalness of sound is matched. It's no coincidence that all listeners in Aurelia Magenta seem to fall in love from the outset.


2-way reflex



5.25 ”DDC isomatrix bass

  1 ”titanium, ECW wave guide



1800 Hz



6 ohms

Sensitivity in dB / W / m

88 dB


frequency response

45-20,000 Hz


power recommendation

20 - 140 W


Dimensions W x H x L / Weight

312 x 272 x 146mm / 6kg

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