October 28, 2019

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Exciting going ons and news updates at eden audio……..

Aune S8 Reference DAC arrives, what a stormer!

aune last year released the impressive X8 Magic DAC, we were more than surprised at the performance this little DAC offered for the price, and since then it has been a constant best seller here at eden audio.

We wondered what aune could come with next and we knew that they working on something special, a top secret project at aune HQ. Finally we are pleased to announce the beast has been unleashed and we have it here at eden audio!!

aune s8 Reference DAC, just how good does it sound?

Come on, how does it sound, well……why not pop by and discover for yourself, can this dac rightly be called a Reference product?

Listen a discover for yourself, have aune done it yet again?

M2Tech Van Der Graaf MkII Power Supply

After adding the Keces Audio BP1200 to our demo system we thought, what if we added the Van Der Graff MKII power supply to the Young MKIII DAC and Joplin AD converter, would we gain the same kind of sonic benefits as what we did when we added the Keces Audio BP1200?

Happily we can see oh YES, wow, what a benefit, the system we have on demo now sounds quite divine, the music is so open and crystal clear sounding, bass is now really tight and well defined, quite astonishing how much more control and grip the is in those important lower regions.

The whole spectrum of sound has gained very noticeable improvements, vocals are more clearly defined where it is much more easier to follow the lyrics of the song, the message the vocalist is trying to give to the audience. More presence in the voice, more realistic, a far more satisfying listen.

Add this to take the M2tech system to a whole new listening experience.

The way the music now comes across is far ore relaxed, controlled and enjoyable, no fatigue, no ear ache, just sweet music to listen to, a very worthwhile addition to the M2Tech Rockstar series.

Keces Audio BP1200 Balanced Isolation Power Conditioner

So far we have been mightily impressed with the Keces Audio products we have on demo, so we thought what difference would adding a power conditioner make?

Keces Audio BP1200 provides clean power for your hi-fi system to unleash it’s full potential.

We added the BP1200 to our M2Tech system and the sonic benefits were clear an obvious to hear, the sound became more open, spacious, the music gained far greater clarity and definition.

The Keces Audio BP1200 is a serious upgrade for your Hi-Fi system, give it the clean power it deserves so it’s full potential can be released and heard.

Pylon Audio Jasper 25 Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Yet again Pylon Audio have managed to surprise us with a new top of the range floorstanding loudspeaker. The curved design of this loudspeaker really does draw attention as your eyes follow its curvaceous design.

The build quality yet again from the Polish manufacture is of the highest quality, the attention to detail really is quite outstanding. This a big speaker that demands a lot of space and ancillaries of the highest quality. Get it right and the new speakers really will shine.

Pylon Audio Jasper 25 at eden audio
Come to eden audio to hear the delightful Jasper 25 from Pylon Audio

Keces Audio E40 Stereo Amplifier

We’ve been wowed by a new amplifier that has just arrived at Eden Audio. It’s a new name to use so we took a bit of a punt to see how it sounded. Well we can tell you now that is was worth the risk.

Keces Audio are based in Taiwan and have gained fame through their impressive line up of linear power supplies, but what we have here is their entry level stereo integrated amplifier and it has no right to sound this good at such a low price, it really has such a lovely meaty full bodied sound, certainly not what you would expect normally at this price point.

Keces Audio E40 stereo amplifier
We’ve been wowed by the Keces E40 amplifier

Not only that you can a USB port so you can play files from your PC but it also has a headphone jack so you can listen with your headphones, plus, lets take a deep breath here a phono stage and, yes and a remote control, so you can see it clearly offers outrageous value for money, come on, check it out, it’s a sonic beast.

Pylon Audio at the Polish Hi-Fi Show 2019

Pylon Audio are showing their latest ranges of High End loudspeakers at the ever popular Polish High End Hi-Fi show, just take a look at the beauties down below, you can hear them soon at eden audio.

pylon audio Jasper loudspeakers
Pylon Audio showing off the new Jasper range

M2tech Joplin MKIII

We’ve been so eager to get our mits on the M2Tech Joplin MKIII as we’ve been so impressed by M2tech’s products so far. But as we have a youtube channel we was looking to up our game when it came to our recording quality from Vinyl and the Jolpin is the perfect solution. With the Joplin you can can connect it to your turntable and your PC so you can record your vinyl record directly to your PC in the best possible quality. Check out our youtube channel for the results.

Aune BU-1 Portable headphone amplifier and DAC

With amazon just releasing a new HD music service there has never been a better time to improve the sound coming from your smart phone. The wonderful new aune Bu-1 is the perfect match as it will really boost the sonic performance of your phone, the sound becomes much more open detailed and natural, the sound gains warmth and body, it is an improvement that is so easy to hear and so easy on the ear.

aune Bu1 portable headphone amplifier and DAC
aune BU-1 massively improve the sound from your smartphone.

Not only that you can use the BU-1 as a Digital to analogue converter for your personal computer.

Build and looks are once again what we have come to expect from aune. It feels very solid in the hand even though it is very light making it easy to carry around in your pocket.

Take it everyone you go to enjoy audiophile sound quality from your smartphone.

M2Tech Crosby class D amplifier has arrived.

Boy, does it sound good, we was really impressed with the Young III DAC and pre amp, so impressed that we knew we just had to match it to the Crosby class D power amp and does it shine, we have them connected up to the Aurelia Cerica XL floorstanding loudspeakers and in combo they create a sound to die for, check it out for yourself by visiting us here at eden audio.

Dual Turntables spinning away.

We’ve got some lovely turntables from Dual just arrive here at eden audio. These German built turntable really do look they part. You can get them either fully automatic or semi automatic but whichever you chose it will be a treat for your ears, come on, get that vinyl out and start spinning them on these wonderful dual turntables.

We got a few of these Dual turntables on demo here at eden audio and we have been really impressed by the build quality and of course the sound quality, they have a catalogue that something for everyone.

dual cs526 semi autiomatic turntable
We’ve been really impressed by the value for money of Dual turntables.

You can chose either fully automatic, semi automatic or fully automatic, the choice is yours.

The Funk Firm GETT Turntable

How much do you need to spend to get a really solid sounding turntable? You’ll be surprised at what the GETT from the Funk Firm can offer. It is a very solid buy, we heard it and was most impressed by the sound it produced. Stereo imaging was extremely focused with good depth to the sound. It posses great rhythm and pace and has that great air guitar factor about it.

Made here in the UK it comes highly recommend for those who love what vinyl can do and love a infectious upbeat sound.

Aune X8 Magic DAC

aune have really been on a roll of late, in an extremely competitive market manufactures need to offer something really rather special and this is what aune have done with the X8 magic DAC. With it’s impressive build quality you are really get something that has been built like a brick and will last for many years.

aune x8 magic dac
We were shocked when we heard how good this DAC is, mindblowingly good.

But we want something that also sounds stunning for the money and aune really have done their homework on the sonic front, you’ll be impressed with the engaging warm sonic character of the aune.

Plus you can also tailor the sound to suit your taste by changing the op amp on the underneath of the player.

Not only that the aune can be used as a pre amp, just add active speakers and away you go.

As you can see we really rate the aune x8 magic DAC, to summarise it is built like a brick,it has adjustable sound quality, can be used as a pre amp and above all it offers outstanding sonics and a very affordable price we just love how good this makes our music sound, it gives us hours of musical listening pleasure.

Try it and we think you’ll agree.

Ophidian Audio Prophet P1 Evolution

Have you heard about Ophidian Audio? They are a British manufacturer of outstanding loudspeakers. At Eden Audio we were only the second dealer and first distributor to take on the brand and what a great choice it was. Ophidian Audio loudspeakers really are pure class for such a new brand, they get right to the heart and soul of the musical message, loudspeakers that you can enjoy for hours on end and feel fully satisfied after each listen.

ophidian audio prophet p2 evolution
Awesome sounding new range of loudspeakers from Ophidian Audio

Just recently however Ophidian have updated the Prophet range to Evolution status and what a pair of loudspeakers we have here!! What control of the bass, it really knows how to boogie. The treble is beautifully open and crystal clear with stunning integration to the mids where voices are beautifully presented. The speakers are full of attack and control, can you tell we are impressed? You will be too, come and give the new Ophidian Audio Evolution P1 a listen a eden audio, come on, we are waiting.

Aurelia Ambera II ISOMATRIX

If you don’t know by now then here at eden audio we absolutely love the sound of Aurelia loudspeakers, it is one of those brands that as soon as you hear them you give them that nod of approval knowing you are hearing something truly special.

aurelia ambera II isomatrix
Do you crave a large soundstage with out of the box imaging? Then the new ISOMATRIX range from Aurelia are the speakers for you.

The good news is that Aurelia from Finland have taken the already quite stunning Ambera floorstanding loudspeaker and updated them to ISOMATRIX status and we’ve got them singing away in our demo room here at eden audio and they are sounding really quite sublime. If you crave a reach out and feel soundstage you just love the presentation of these, realism, focus, engagement are all there in spades, nice job Aurelia!