• Oyaide Across 750 V2 analogue cable sold by the metre

 First incorporates groundbreaking C.I.S structure damper air layer "ACROSS750". Since its inception in 2007, the core model of the PCOCC-A conductor cable and received support ranging from introduction to high-end layer, boasts a number of total 100000 m Super, didn't know its overwhelming popularity is unabated. But along with the PCOCC-A conductor supply completion in 2013, and unexpectedly have hardships completes production of first "ACROSS750". But in 2014, and the life by precision conductor "102 SSC" "ACROSS750 V 2" are derived. To inherit the concept of the original model left no stone unturned to be scrutinized and inherited ACROSS 750 V 2 in the structure model. Please enjoy oyaide and polished thoroughly by the precise conductor "102 SSC", wearing a fresh taste of confidence.

  New interconnect cables employing the precision conductor "102 SSC" ACROSS750 V 2. The basic structure while the first "ACROSS750", conductors twisted patented technology "twist 3 E" world's first introduced ( 3 wZ wires open 2007-317477 ). "3 E twisted", wire diameter of 3 different twisted geometric fit the patent technology promote the densification of the conductors the line between strain eliminates the deterioration of sound quality by. Damper and air layer and then lower the capacitance high and stopband, while its superior stabilizer effect attenuates the vibration cross insulated structure ( C.I.S structure ). Using a dielectric constant indicates extremely low value 1/4, to the insulating material, compared to the PVC polymer polyolefin. Horizontal scroll shield and adopt precise conductor 102 SSC, placed 100 0.18 mm line without any gap. Exterior is in color and chic Beluga Caviar black, excellent vibration damping audio-only halogen-free sheath. Sheath marking marking "ACROSS750 V 2", "102 SSC", express V2 model. Original exclusive products to RCA plug "ACROSS750 RR v2", decorated with rhodium-plated brass pipe-shaped contact fitted. Plugs and cables are audio-only lead-free silver solder soldering at the "SS-47".


Length: 0.7 m (pair) Structure: 1-conductor shielded Conductor: 102 SSC Wire diameter: 0.75 SQ (twisting 3 E / 19) Insulation: polyolefin polymers ( C.I.S structure ) Inclusions: polyethylene Shield: 102 SSC horizontal scroll ( 100 this /0.18mm ) Exterior: audio-only halogen-free sheath Outside diameter: 8.0 mm

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Oyaide Across 750 V2 analogue cable sold by the metre

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